Beginning is the End is the Beginning

It has happened.

I have officially started a blog. Why? Fantastic question for which I have absolutety no answer. Boredom? Surely. Self-infatuation? Probably. A cry for attention? Perhaps, in fact, most likely. The truth is, a blog seems an equal measure between anonymous social expression and contemporary Internet Hooplah. 

The simple act of online blogging has pretty much redefined 21st century journal entry. What’s the point in writing in a diary when you can blog online? Instant gratification of your feelings and opinions. Oh right! It’s completely and utterly PUBLIC! Your aunt, cousin, high school crush or frenemy might be reading. Well eff it, right?  Eh, not so much.

The fact is these days blogging has absolutely forged a place in society; albiet undefined. Is it technically an online journal application or a legitimate reporting venue? [I guess it depends on how much you get paid.] Well I can count how many news-worthy blogs I’ve read. And I can tell you that Angelina totally has a hand over Jenn. I mean, oh my gawd. 

I”m here for me. You’re here reading this for you. Let’s create a relationship where maybe we can both gain something. Wow. Imagine that.

I’m ending this hopefully without losing your attention (the first rule in initial blogging: don’t lose the reader).